March 3, 2010

"Selected" video-stories

Alan Wilder has initiated a series of YouTube clips centred around the "Selected" live events and forthcoming album, out on Mute - 19th April 2010. Starting on the 12th of March, with 21 dates across Europe, "A Strange Hour" with Alan Wilder & Paul Kendall promises to be a unique experience, with a few surprises along the way, celebrating 25 years of Recoil music. Alan will talk about his plans, how the "Selected" release came about and what is in store for the fans over the next months.

Chapter One

12/03 Chapter Two: Barcelona
Alan talks about tracks from the album, the build up to Recoil's tour and special secret guest for Berlin!

22/03 Chapter Three: Berlin
Alan during the build up to the event in Berlin, at the famous Meistersaal. Alan walks us around the studio, shows some notorious spots and introduces a couple of guests.

05/04 Chapter Four: Bucharest

19/04 Chapter Five: Austria, Budapest, Prague
In the fifth chapter of the video-series „Selected“ we meet Alan at a way station near the Austrian highway. The reason is simple. Planned transport was foiled because of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull specifically its volcanic ash cloud which stopped almost all air traffic above Europe. Every cloud has a silver lining. We can spot Alans'car. If you are curious what music sounds from the radio be sure it is Kraftwerk and their famous hit Tour De France. In short excerpts we move to Budapest and the end of this chapter provides Alan's greeting from Prague.

07/05 Chapter Six: Russia

01/06 Chapter Seven (Part One): Mexico
Alan Wider left the old continent and we seem him about 50 kilometers northeast of Mexico City in Tejuan, the most religious area in Central America. Together we climb one of the pyramids and we begin to understand why tetotihuacan is described as a strange, magical and holy place which is hidding many secrets and is breathtaking by it's huge size. At the end of the first video we experience a thunderous atmosphere of Alan's performance and we'll be witnesses of an embarassing situation with a fan backstage.

02/06 Chapter Seven (Part Two): New York City
In the second episode of the closing chapter of the video-series Selected we leave A Strange Hour on the New York stage Le Poisson Rouge. Douglas McCarthy who is absent because he wasn't able to arrive because of the constant ash cloud that covered most of Europe, was well replaced by Joe Richardson. Alan came with some very uplifting news, which makes us wonder about the continuation of the series Selected and during the months of October and November we may see more performances in the USA and Canada.

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