Recoil outside:

  • Recoil's songs were playing during fashion show "Mattoni Mode Collection".

Secrets in songs (HYDROLOGY):
(courtesy of Edge

  • In the song 'The Sermon', at the start of this track, there is a sample from a Polish radio broadcast. It means
    sample one: ".... in Lisbon, who has been nominated by Holy Father for apostolic pro-nuncio in Thailand...."
    sample two: " filled up with graduation youth. Traditionally, apart from freelance groups, two pilgrimages arrived in Prague. The first one, from the Warsaw arch-diocese, was eight thousand young people strong and they...."

Secrets in songs (BLOODLINE):
(courtesy of Edge

  • In the song 'The Defector', are used samples from the 'Silenceof the Lambs' movie
    sample one: "closer, please closer" (by Hannibal Lector)
    sample two: "what is it's nature?" (by Hannibal Lector)
  • The song 'Edge To Life' finishes with a sample from the Depeche Mode video compilation 'Strange'.
    sample one: "He is my little marlon and I love dancing with him. He persuaded me to become a museum piece and I haven't seen him since. I would love to go out and dance with him again. maybe... one day... who knows... ciao." (translated)
  • In the middle part of the track 'Bloodline', Doug McCarthy's daughter saying the nursery rhyme, who's afraid of the big bad wolf. Incidentally, Alan also uses this sample on the Nitzer Ebb track 'Sugar Sweet'.

Secrets in songs (UNSOUND METHODS):
(courtesy of Edge

  • In the song 'Stalker' is used the sample of a police phone operator. It has been taken from the movie 'The Last Seduction'.
  • About 2:40 into the song 'Red River Cargo' Alan inventively weaves in a sample from the movie 'Wild At Heart'.

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