Who is Alan Charles Wilder?

Nick Name: Charlie (used by his close friends)
Slick (used by other Depeche Mode members)
The Boss (used in the Recoil project)
Date of Birth: June 1st, 1959
Place of Birth: Hammersmith Hospital, Acton, West London
Family Details: Two brothers
Ex-wife Hepsibah Sessa
Girlfriend Britt Rinde Hval
Daughter Paris
Son Stanley Duke
Previous Bands: Daphne & The Tenderspots, The Korgis, Real To Real, The Hitmen, Depeche Mode
Favourite city visited: Paris, Milan
Favourite Film: A Clockwork Orange
Most Prized Possessions: CDs, photographs, any thing personal that couldn't be replaced
Biggest niggle: Apathy
Biggest fear: Losing my health
Ambition: To be happy

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