July 21, 2010

Selected Box in details

"Selected box" before its release it got quite a few credits – rare, limited, unique, numbered, signed, deluxe. It was called mysterious (content of the third audio disc and DVD was unknown to the fans), overpriced (due to unbelievable price for delivery) or delayed (initial release date was extended by one month). We can somehow agree with everything, nevertheless one thousand items was out of stock even before release date and Mute Bank proudly announced "Sold out".

Money from sales represents the main entry for professional musicians, these are dramatically descending in present digital time. MP3 data format is absolute top, there exists a long list of internet shops where it’s possible to buy MP3’s for a few pennies, but illegal downloading is smashing the sales. The fact of the matter is that almost all new albums can be downloaded for free from pirate servers even several weeks before official release. For the time being there doesn’t exist effective protection from piracy of CD’s. One way in which to keep "common sale" is to offer something touchable for the fans, simply something, that deters the need for copying.

"Selected" is first Recoil’s superfine compilation, which recaps activity of Alan Wilder up to now. The best choice was to offer above standard edition. I dare to say, first "Recoil Box" is a master-piece. Graphic was entrusted to Un.titled studio again. And what is the content?

   •   Design box with lift off lid (size 12 x 12 inches)
   •   Numbered (only 1,000 items issued) certificate of authenticity with Alan Wilder signature
   •   3 audio CD's
   •   1 DVD Film
   •   3 large scale booklets

At first sight this complete box evokes more likely collection of LP discs. The big black box, sealed in transparent foil is displaying RECOIL SELECTED (on the lid) and typical picture of blade (underneath). First, what you will see after opening is certificate of authority. This black A4 size sheet contains Alan's lead article, his signature (really original, signature is not printed) and amused unique number. This is followed by 3 colored booklets, each of them contain information to 3 various audio discs. All of them are built on big pictures. "Books" were entrusted to 2 different photographers, first (studio) and third (live) is work of Simon Congdon, second (remix) was done by Steve Gullick.

Discs are placed in a special place at the bottom of the box, where they look like a four-hotplate cooker. A cooker from the most expensive kitchen you can imagine, though. Position of the discs is the only one weak point of the box. Although in a home background the box looks really delightfully, this packaging is absolutely inappropriate for transport. Most fans complain that the discs drop out. In a few cases audio tracks were heavily scratched later they found playing impossible. Actually the best solution would be to cover all discs with a single basic paper wrapping and maybe the finale wrapping could be done after shipping. But this situation was not supposed to occur, so lets take it as a good tip for next time.

Recoil "Selected" Box Recoil "Selected" Box Recoil "Selected" Box Recoil "Selected" Box Recoil "Selected" Box
Recoil "Selected" Box Recoil "Selected" Box Recoil "Selected" Box Recoil "Selected" Box Recoil "Selected" Box
Recoil "Selected" Box Recoil "Selected" Box Recoil "Selected" Box Recoil "Selected" Box Recoil "Selected" Box
Recoil "Selected" Box Recoil "Selected" Box Recoil "Selected" Box Recoil "Selected" Box Recoil "Selected" Box
Recoil "Selected" Box Recoil "Selected" Box Recoil "Selected" Box

Do you have "Selected Box"? Let us know. We will see how many pieces from the puzzle we will be able to fill in. Contact us via Facebook or e-mail.

0000 - 0249

0250 - 0499

#0000 BEL Johan Vanderhoeven
#0002 RUS Snegovik Morozovich
#0006 UK Daniel Dickel
#0010 UK Marblehead Johnson
#0015 RUS VlaDiMir
#0017 RUS YuryVV
#0032 UK Scott
#0042 USA pimpf
#0043 BEL Raphaël Ledent
#0044 RUS Madness 22
#0047 RUS Dmitry Chabanov a.k.a. Franssen
#0055 BEL bongmute /
#0064 CZE Pavel "El Pablo" Povolný
#0081 GER billericay
#0087 CZE Milan Bublinec
#0088 GER Marc O. StockHolm /
#0099 CZE Zdeněk Bardisal
#0102 CZE Ivana
#0138 GER Thomas
#0153 RUS Rattyone
#0180 RUS Edik - Ivanteevka
#0202 CZE Johnny B Richman
#0205 CZE Jakub "Zenzucht"
#0218 CZE Igor Cech /
#0222 FRA Bruno Ouvrein /
#0241 USA butters
#0242 IRL scox
#0251 DEN henchris
#0260 SWE Nixie
#0275 RUS gmsash
#0277 DEN iEnjoy
#0280 GER michael-m.mueller
#0286 RUS Sergey Larionov "LV426"
#0288 RUS Nikitos
#0308 RUS Leonid
#0309 RUS Sergey "vombat"
#0310 RUS Route66
#0326 CZE Peťa K2
#0332 UNKNOWN Emulatorll
#0342 RUS Serge
#0346 GER Marco Kaldrack /
#0386 CZE Jiří Holásek
#0338 FRA Gilles Braz /
#0387 CZE Martin Smidl
#0398 MEX Mauricio Moriarty
#0401 USA Melissa Grundy Reyes
#0402 RUS Tilipili
#0418 GER schwemmi.1
#0428 CZE Mike Koukal
#0429 CZE Kristýna Blažková /
#0450 FRA Melancholy Flower /
#0459 RUS Garfield
#0472 CZE Vincent & Lucerna
#0474 FRA Sharon Toma Nitrate
#0479 CAN donc

0500 - 0749

0750 - 0999

#0502 NED Puffino /
#0509 FRA happiest_sin
#0542 ESP Jessica Campos
#0545 FRA raphMODE
#0558 RUS Oleg "Playangel"
#0559 RUS Pavel "PaulKGHR"
#0560 RUS Igor "Sacredm"
#0561 CZE Jakub Rožec
#0566 GER Michael D58
#0590 CZE Petr Rozporka
#0619 UK Fluxx
#0637 RUS Anna "lassie"
#0655 UK Bong14
#0686 SWE Fredrik Schlatta Svensson /
#0694 NED Richard
#0702 AUT Thomas Köckeis /
#0717 GER Yves Colombel
#0735 BEL Terence Marquet
#0742 DEN skovl
#0774 RUS Nastasia "NowhereGirl"
#0780 NOR Blund
#0795 SWE rikardz
#0801 RUS Pavel "mal_mad" Karpenko
#0818 UK sausage
#0826 SWE alexpicha / alexpicha
#0838 GER Silvio Holm
#0842 BEL Dominique Vanopdenbosch
#0857 POL Marcin Krakowiak
#0883 RUS Klangmonaut
#0902 USA Mark Seabold
#0917 GER Thomas Dörnte /
#0925 POL Useless Poznan
#0927 UNKNOWN bushwacka
#0929 GER xeneizito
#0930 CZE fan4dm
#0940 GER Halo 242
#0977 HUN Jung Ottó
#0986 LAT Romashov
#0993 MEX Emmanuel Pimienta

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