October 20, 2006

Brand new video message from Alan Wilder

Alan Wilder is back, he's back in his studio and he works on new material. Brand new interview with Alan Wilder is available on YouTube. There'are interesting news in Alan's announcement. He has been working on the new Recoil album since October 2005, in January 2006 he started to write music again. In April 2006 Alan did put down material for about 8 tracks and started to look around for singers. In the search for singers he came across a blues singer from Austin Texas, and later he got hold of Poul Kendell. Later on Poul Kendell and Alan Wilder got back to Texas and recorded for about a week with the bluse singer. In September 2006 they started to mix the album and Alan wilder will introduce a female vocalist to balance out what the male singer has done. They expect the mixing to finish up around Christmas 2006 and the release of the album should be in the late spring or early summer, and the album is still untitled. Alan Wilder assumes the realease of new album in 5.1 format.
Watch to the full interview here.
Courtesy of Depeche Mode DK

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