July 1, 2012

'A Strage Hour in Budapest' – Gothenburg Screening

Another live screening event for ‘A STRANGE HOUR IN BUDAPEST’ has just been added. These events accompany Recoil’s Blu-ray release of the full concert film, directed by Attila Herkó. Each HD cinema presentation features surround sound, and Alan Wilder will be in attendance to host Q&A sessions & discussions about the ‘Selected Events’ tour and film project. There will be some special signed items for sale – plus other goodies – all followed by Afterparties with a bar & DJs.

On September 1st, as part of Electronic Summer festival, a premiere for the film will take place in Gothenburg at the Bio Roy cinema near Götaplatsen – the cultural epicentre of the Swedish city.

This particular Recoil presentation is being produced in conjunction with Scandinavian music and home theatre electronics chain Hi-Fi Klubben and Recoverart, and the whole event also forms part of the aforementioned festival of electronic music, organised by Depeche Mode Party Gothenburg & PK Musik. Electronic Summer will be held across 31st August & 1st September at Brewhouse Arena and showcases a number of international live acts including Mesh, De/vision, Melotron, Psyche and many others, as well as known local DJs and a huge Depeche Mode Party. See for full details of all the activities happening during the course of this special Gothenburg weekend.

The screening will take place in the afternoon of 1st September followed by a short Q&A session with Alan. Further related after events (more chat, meet & greet, signings etc.) will happen at the nearby festival – we are still working out exact details but rest assured nobody will miss out on the bands which perform later in the evening.

Our genial Swedish promoters are also offering an attractive ticketing scheme whereby you can gain entry to both the festival and the Recoil screening for a discounted price.

Full details below:
Date: 01.09.2012
City: Gothenburg
Venue: Bio Roy
Address: Kungsportsavenyen 45, 411 36 Göteborg
Tel: +46 031 20 80 11
Doors: 13.00
Screening: 14.00
After events: Electronic Summer Festival
Tickets: 170 SEK / 120 SEK (discount for Electronic Festival ticket holders)

Designed by architect Nils Olsson and renovated in1994, Cinema Royal dates from the 1940s. ‘Roy’ is one of the most elegant and best-preserved cinemas from the period. During its renovation, much of the original interior was saved, including the balcony, the convenient coat-rail, the unique back row ‘love seats’ and the murals inside the auditorium depicting heavenly bodies, painted by the artist Hugo Öfverström. Inside the entrance there is a hand-wrought brass railing that spells out ‘RBio’ in elegant cursive letters.

With a capacity of 280, the cinema was re-opened in 2008 and re-named after the legendary Gothenburg-born filmmaker Roy Andersson. The original neon sign ‘Royal’ was retained with the last two letters no longer illuminated. Thus, ‘Bio Roy’ was born and Gothenburg’s cinema heritage was saved.

The installation of an updated sound system made Roy the first cinema in the city to qualify for THX certification, a hallmark of sound and image quality. It was also the first cinema in Gothenburg to be able to show films in digital 3D as well as present live transmissions.

Says Alan… “Bio Roy has a café in the foyer offering mostly organic and fair trade options. I also noted that it is a popcorn-free establishment which we fully support here at Recoil central. It is time to fight back against ‘the men who made us fat’!

Super-sizing was the idea of David Wallerstein, a McDonald’s executive who worked for a chain of movie theatres in the 1950s & ’60s – widely thought of as the instigator of the current obesity epidemic which has hit the western world in the last 25 years. Wallerstein was tasked with boosting sales of popcorn & soda and soon discovered that, by simply increasing portion sizes to extreme, customers could be persuaded to pay for more up front. Although McDonald’s exec Ray Kroc was initially sceptical of Wallerstein’s proposal to super-size McDonald’s meals (believing that people who wanted more fries would buy two bags), he eventually agreed to try Wallerstein’s idea. The sales results led to the program being rolled out in the 1990s throughout all McDonald’s restaurants and the idea has spread like wildfire, causing the early slow deaths (through heart disease, diabetes and other related problems) of millions and millions of susceptible ‘diners’. And the food industry – a complex, global collective of all-powerful businesses (such as the sugar industry) – is doing nothing to stop it.”

If you want to know more – check out the excellent 3-part BBC documentary, presented by Jacques Peretti : ‘The Men Who Made Us Fat’ is a MUST-SEE.

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