Nicole Blackman

a spoken-word performer from New York has been involved with a wide variety of musical projects, most notably supplying vocals on the darkly disturbing Golden Palominos album ‘Dead Inside’, in addition to recording with Bill Laswell, Scanner and KMFDM. Her edgy work straddles the uncharted territory between page and performance, leaving the audience sometimes amused, more often unsettled, with pieces that are funny, poignant, edgy and disturbing - sometimes all at once. "Everything I write is a bit burnt around the edges" she explains, "and I'm most intrigued by stories of people with strange attractions." Blackman has produced four books - 'Pretty', 'Sweet' and 'Nice' published in 1997, rounding off a trilogy of works she says are "back-handed compliments for women". She has also recently published, 'Blood Sugar'.

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